Pioneers in performing private credit in Asia

Since our founding in 2011, we’ve been at the forefront of the performing private credit space in Asia. Our team of 30 investment professionals has deep expertise in the asset class having built an investment platform with institutionalised processes, transparency and attention to quality.

Our history

We have evolved into a leading regional credit business through a steady and calliberated build-out over the past decade, achieving a series of firsts along the way.



Core team started investing in performing private credit in India, pioneering the asset class.



Created performing private credit investment firm with offices in Delhi and Mumbai. Raised our first fund which invested a total of $161 million across 21 investments.


Joined BPEA and
founded BPEA Credit

Joined BPEA, one of the largest independent alternative investment funds in Asia with over $21 billion in assets under management, and founded the BPEA Credit business.


Fund II Raised

A total of $221 million deployed across 27 investments to date in a range of high-growth sectors.


Launched BPEA Credit’s SE Asia business

BPEA Credit’s Asia business launched based out Singapore.


Fund III Raised

‍Fund III final close of c. $ 475 million, at more than 3x its predecessor fund and one of the largest single-country performing credit funds raised for Asia. Investors include large North American pension funds, global development institutions, and other prominent institutional investors in Asia and the Middle East.


Singapore office opened

Established office in Singapore with an experienced team dedicated to the performing private credit investment opportunity in Singapore and the fast-growing ASEAN region.


BPEA Credit becomes a Signatory of PRI

BPEA Credit is proud to be a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.

A leading credit platform in Asia


Vintage: 2014 – 2020


Fully realized


Vintage: 2017 – Present


Significantly realized


Vintage: 2020 – Present


Under deployment

Our leadership

Kanchan Jain

Head of BPEA Credit Group

Sandeep Adukia

Managing Director

Anupam Goenka

Managing Director

Dar Chen

Senior Advisor

Amit Dharod

Managing Director

Kaushal Ganeriwal

Managing Director

Saket Lakhotia

Managing Director

Kartikeya Singh

Executive Vice President

Snigdha Jain

Executive Vice President

Ashish Agarwal

Senior Vice President

Manali Garg

Senior Vice President

Sameer Mehta

Senior Vice President

Siddharth Sivaramakrishnan

Senior Vice President

Career Opportunities

We are constantly on the lookout for talented investment professionals who are passionate about the economic growth of Asia and want to accelerate their own careers in the private credit space.

Our culture at BPEA Credit is based on humility, conviction in our ideas and approach, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Each team member’s contribution is valued, and we collaborate unconditionally for the growth and success of our business and our colleagues.

Please contact our HR colleagues to explore current opportunities on one of our global teams.

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