Enabling mid-market growth with deep asset class expertise

A clear strategic focus and investment discipline to source, execute and manage performing private credit opportunities with a compelling risk/reward profile for sophisticated international investors.

Focused Strategy

Our focus markets of India and ASEAN-6 are among the fastest growing large economies in the world. Established mid-market businesses within them have significant growth prospects, but face a shortage of institutional and customized growth capital. We are focused on creating attractive investment opportunities that provide capital solutions to fund their ambitions.

1.9x GDP growth over the next decade

54% of GDP generated by the SME sector

68% see non-traditional lenders as critical

"Leading mid-market businesses are best placed to capture the growth opportunities available in the region because they’re often dominant output contributors in a majority of economic sectors. They also benefit from strong tail winds generated by key trends including supply chain adjustments, continued reforms and digitalization that put them at the forefront of their markets."

BPEA Credit

Highly developed and specialised sourcing capabilities powering the platform

The BPEA Credit platform rests on highly-developed sourcing capabilities that give the our underwriting team an unmatched set of opportunities to choose from. Fund II and Fund III deployment (ongoing) involved going through 1,000 opportunities to select 25 of the most compelling ones put together keeping the overall portfolio construction in mind. Once the investment is made, we manage the risk profile through institutionalized process and in-built controls in line with global best practices and and honed further based on our experience in the sector.

Proprietary sourcing

In India alone, the platform has a network of 300+ intermediary relationships, covering all large private & public sector banks and investment banks but most importantly, a large relationship base of boutique mid-market focused intermediary firms, based across tier-1 and tier-2 cities in India.

End-to-end underwriting

Extensive promoter, business and cashflow diligence conducted in-house with inputs from local and international vendors and consultants to identify critical risk and success factors that provide inputs for investment decision making, structuring and monitoring of an investment.

Active monitoring

Institutional approach and process-driven monitoring framework involving constant direct contact with borrower companies, early warning systems, and use of local legal frameworks for active management.

Proven Track Record

Our investments have consistently generated equity-like returns for our investors with gross IRRs in the high teens. We have realized 33 exits to date, with none of them experiencing any loss of invested capital.

Over the course of their life, our funds have also provided steady double digit cash yields to investors.

Realized exits



High teens

"The stronger underlying growth and lower leverage of companies in our target markets offer a higher return / lower credit risk investment environment relative to the comparable opportunity set in developed markets."

Investment Team

BPEA Credit

Investing with
BPEA Credit

We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our investors, and our IR team is here to start a dialogue on a broad range of investment opportunities and structures.